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Dubai is a world leader in shopping mall creation and as a retail destination, Dubai is unrivalled. With the biggest and best malls in the world and exceptional levels of visitor footfall, the opportunities to grow a business and get world wide exposure for a brand is what makes Dubai so appealing to high street labels and new businesses alike.

But it is not just the malls that dominate the retail sector. Dubai has shifted from the grandeur of malls to more unique, boutique-style locations focusing on local talent and brands.

Other prime areas for businesses such as Deira, Karama, Satwa and Bur Dubai are a home to bustling trade for decades. It is in these parts of the city, where sellers and buyers began negotiations and haggle over prices.

Our retail team has unrivalled experience advising retailers across all sectors, whether this is a start up business or an established world wide brand. Additionally, we offer community shop districts, boutique villas, high end commercial shops, we cater for micro businesses, medium scale businesses and up to large scale industries.

The key to the ability of delivering superior outcomes for our clients is the way we structure our team, focusing on specialist services, which range from agency, consultancy & advisory, corporate occupier services and lease consultancy.

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Retail Market place

  • Pre-qualified shops, salons and supermarkets
  • Off market exclusive retail spaces
  • Showrooms
  • Off-plan retail shops for sale, lease and investment
  • Commercial villas
  • Kiosk concept businesses
  • Commercial plots for retail centres & shopping malls

Retail Consultancy

  • Franchises as individual concepts
  • Retail properties investments & leasing guidance to get high ROI for Investors
  • Development consultancy
  • Retail planning
  • Store acquisition
  • Investment and leasing
  • Specialist team advisory

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Retail Services

  • Retail business buying / selling guidance & support
  • Dedicated team of retail experts with full knowledge of retail locations and technical requirements
  • Retail fit-out designing, implementation & technical assistance with tools & equipments
  • Retail properties asset management services for landlords

Trust is Built on Experience

Having a successful history with satisfied customers including groups, well known brands as well as individual clients in the field of:

  • Hypermarkets and supermarkets
  • Mini-marts and coffee shops
  • Pharmacies, clinics and nurseries
  • Restaurants and bakeries
  • Apparel stores
  • Fast food outlets
  • Optical shops
  • Kiosk businesses
  • Furniture showrooms
  • Banks and ATMs etc.
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Case Studies

Leasing of a Shop  

Client:International Architectural Group
Location:The Palm Mall
Annual rent:AED 2,330,000
Closer:Omar Abukoush
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Leasing of a Supermarket

Landlord:Oriental House Property Management
Client:SM Supermarket
Area:Bur Dubai
Annual rent:AED 1,500,000
Closer:Shulamite Dela Cruz

Sale of a Retail Outlet

Seller:Emirati National
Client:Elegance Team
Area:Business Bay
Building:Tamani Arts
Sales amount:4,020,360 AED
Closer:Shahid Imran
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Sale of a Retail Outlet

Seller:R.A. Gen. LLC.
Buyer:Elegance Team 
Area:Business Bay
Building:Bayswater Tower
Sales amount:2,350,000 AED
Closer:Shahid Imran

Leasing of a Supermarket

Landlord:Al Sahlia Trading LLC.
Client:Margo Supermarket LLC.
Area:Dubai Marina
Building:Escan Tower
Rent amount:1,470,000 AED
Closer:Shahid Imran
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Lease of a Bakery

Landlord:"The Mall" Jumeirah
Client:Bon 3 Bakery
Project:"The Mall" 
Rent amount:370,000 AED
Closer:Shahid Imran

Sale of two Retail Outlets

Seller:Sobha LLC.
Client:Egyptian Investor
Area:Sobha Hartland
Building:Green Building 1 and 2
Sales amount:3,450,000 AED
Closer:Shahid Imran
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Lease of a Nursery

Landlord:Gulf Drug LLC.
Client:Dewdrop Nursery
Area:Al Barsha
Project:Gulf Drug Building
Annual rent:650,000 AED
Closer:Shahid Imran

Rental of a Ladies Salon

Landlord:Binham Properties
Client:Indulgence Beauty Salon
Annual rent:AED 150,000
Closer:Shulamite Dela Cruz

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Lease of a Pharmacy

Landlord:Nice Home Real Estate LLC
Client:Medicina Pharmacy
Area:Al Ittihad Road - Sharjah
Project:i-Mall Sharjah
Annual rent:288,724 AED
Closer:Shahid Imran

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